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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  December 12, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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and cold, again. yes, 35 degrees in the city. chillier north and west. but we're looking for some sunshine later today for the first day in a while. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm chris cato. >> i'm christine maddela. a mixed bag and strong winds, heavy rain and snow flurries and let's begin with bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? >> the rain is done and snow is taking a break and clouds move through the area and waiting for those to break, too. this morning, the winds have died down below ten miles an hour, but they will ramp back up during the day. clouds over the city, but nothing falling from the sky. we're watching the temperatures. they're colder north and west and in interior new jersey. some spots have been below freezing. right now mount holly and millville not bad at 34 degrees and potttown 32. up a degree in the last hour and factor in the wind, it feels like 28 degrees in the city. with clouds overhead, we will see breaks of sunshine during
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the day. the winds will be picking up right around lunchtime. your hour-by-hour future weather when i come back in ten minutes. but, first, katy zachary is watching traffic. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. in the last few seconds i was told about an accident on 95 northbound and a shot for you at six or seven minutes of that accident scene. for philadelphia drivers in kensington, a water main break that is affecting stretch of germantown avenue between jefferson street and oxford street. you can take fifth street around that. for those of you in the lehigh valley waking up right now, you'll probably see icy spots on the roadways and not affecti affectingloaffecting anything at route 22. 78 and 309 are clear, as well. and then, finally, for drivers, not finally, actually. for drivers in new jersey, route 42 at creek road. headlights northbound headed to the area bridges looking great on 42. for delaware drivers, this is what i wanted to tell you about, 95 southbound. the ramp to 202 southbound is closed over the next few weeks.
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christine? new from overnight, someone shot and killed a 26-year-old man in the logan section of philadelphia. it happened around 10:00 p.m. police tell us the man was on 11th street when someone shot him in the head and chest. now, right now, police don't know why the man was shot and they haven't arrested anyone. in atlantic city, police are looking for a shooter in the deadly attack there. it happened at the seagrass cove apartment complex in pleasantville. someone shot and killed a man there last night. right now no word on what led to that shooting. also new from overnight, one person is dead after he crashed into a wall in southwest philadelphia. this crash happened around 10:30 this morning on lindbergh boulevard and grays avenue. investigators say the driver's car flipped over. you can see it there next to that building. no word yet on why he lost control. 5:02 now. philadelphia police say they caught a man who may be responsible for as>ezrb many as
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sexual attacks on college students. plained clothes officers were spotted. police say over the past few days, there were five different assaults of women who were walking alone on or near the campuses of penn and drexel. they believe barrett is behind at least three of those. >> strolling out here for females walking alone and then trying to rob them. >> investigators are also trying to determine if barrett is connected to the assault of two drexel students yesterday. now, police have not linked those assaults to the home invasion and rape of a drexel student on wednesday. a man broke into the student's campus and threatened the woman with a meat cleaver and demanded money and a cell phone and then sexually assaulted her. police have no suspects at this time. her comrades call her a firefighter's firefighter. a final farewell will begin
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tonight for joyce craig philadelphia's first female firefighter to die in the line of duty. matt delucia is outside the fire company where joyce craig was stationed. >> a funeral service is set for tomorrow morning. as you mentioned, joyce craig is the first female philadelphia firefighter to die in the line of duty. the 11-year veteran was one of the first firefighters to enter a burning home in west oak lane on tuesday morning. but she did not make it out alive. now, here are the arrangements. joyce craig's viewing will be held this evening at 6:00 at bachelor brothers funeral home and another viewing scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:00 followed by service at 11:00. she leaves behind two children. governor tom corbett has ordered flags to be lowered to
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half-staff in joyce craig's honor. live in lawn crest, i'm matt 58l delucia. happening later today fattah jr. will be in court to argue that he does not need a lawyer. fattah jr. wants to represent himself because he's most familiar with the allegations against him. his trial is set for march 9dth and his father is the focus of a federal corruption investigation and he is married to nbc 10 anchor renee chenault-fattah. rahim pleasant pleaded guilty. he was an innocent bystander when a shooting broke out. this morning, we have some new video showing the aftermath of a multi-state police chase. that chase started in new jersey and came to an end in maryland. police arrested the carjacking
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suspect last night, just before he entered the fort mchenry tunnel in baltimore. the chase began just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon in west hampton burlington county. now, police say the suspect carjacked a woman at a mental health facility on wood lane road. officers finally took out his tires using stop sticks in baltimore. investigators identify the suspect as 29-year-old trent tally. 5:06 now. the philadelphia police department has unveiled its body camera pilot program. and now local university police departments are considering using those cameras, as well. officials at the university of pennsylvania and temple university say they will be monitoring the city's test to see whether officer body cameras will be effective in their campus policing environments. many local universities are closely monitored by networks of on-campus overhead surveillance cameras and students and residents tell us the addition of body cameras should be considered. >> if you put body cameras on
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police, get them accountable 99 out of 100 times when we had no idea what happened otherwise. >> they're not even going to trial. i hope thal these cameras will work, but i don't know. >> right now about 30 officers are voluntarily testing out those cameras in philadelphia. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> cloudy skies right now and a bit chilly outoutside. the temperatures dropped below freezing and some icing left over from yesterday's light precipitation and those areas that didn't dry up are iclearin up. the wind still whipping around and the low pressure that brought us rain and snow earlier in the week and the wind will help clear things out as we go for the weekend. we'll get some breaks of sunshine today and even more sunshine over the weekend. right now, 31 degrees. doylestown is below freezing. could be some icy spots on untreated surfaces.
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it's 36 in philadelphia and 37 degrees in cape may. the clouds have yet to break, but they have stopped producing snow. so, it's back to the manmade stuff in blue mountain. nice, snowy scene from there. you'll see some sunshine this weekend. there is the low pressure that's the nor'easter that we had for most of the week. it's still spinning clouds into our area and the snow showers have ended. you might see a flurry or two. you could see that bright cloud that is approaching berks county. some flurries into berks county but most of the area is clear of any precipitation right now. climbing in spite of clouds. enough sunshine to see us up to 34 degrees by 10:00 this morning, but a bit warmer this afternoon. 36 degrees at noontime and then into the 40s. you'll see it first to the south and east. 41 degrees in wilmington at 4:00 and 40 degrees in philadelphia and even above freezing for the lehigh valley at 37 degrees. we have some improving
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conditions today. no snow falling and mostly cloudy, some breaks of sunshine and not as windy, but enough of a wind blowing to make it feel like it's in the lower 30s during the day today. seven-day forecast. we'll look at the weekend and beyond when i'm back in ten minutes. just keep in mind as you're heading out, even though the snow is gone, we do have especially in areas north and west, some possible icy patches due to what fell on the ground last night. >> particularly those secondary roads that aren't treated as often. let's get a check now on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachary. >> to that note, i have been following and watching closely some of our cameras up in the lehigh valley and, fortunately, no accidents have into our system but just something definitely for you to be aware of. this is for drivers on 95 northbound as you approach allegheny avenue. the left lane is blocked. unfortunately, our camera is moving too much. here is a look at 95 right at
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cottman avenue. you can see it's not tying things up to result in any backup. you can see southbound, there is some of that long-term construction. again, just not enough cars on the road for that construction to be affecting anything or for that accident to be affecting anything. keep that in mind because it just happened. they're in the process of trying to clear it. water main break and jefferson street and oxford street is closed. all lanes are closed. you can take fifth street around that and right now, septa regional rail and all of mass transit is moving on or close to schedule. delaware and new jersey, no accidents to report there. and all of your area bridges look good, as well. chris? ten minutes after 5:00. another former super model has come forward with accusations about bill cosby. we'll tell you what she says cosby did when she went to his home to audition for a role. and another late night on capitol hill as house members
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ra wrangle over a budget. you'll find out what is next for the $1.1 million spending plan.
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if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. 5:13 a.m. 35 degrees outside. it's a pretty view out there overlooking the city and the river. it is going to be a cold friday, but there is a weekend warmup. we'll check in with meteorologist bill henley in just a moment. 5:13. bucks county bensalem police looking for an armed robbery in a coin store. they robbed the owner of coin and collectibles on tuesday. here's that video. police say the suspect tied up the owner and also tied up an employee and a customer and smashed open display cases taking more than $5,000 worth of
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antique silver dollars and robbers made a rookie mistake taking off their hoods in front of the cameras right there, which is what allowed police to identify them. from our jersey shore bureau here in ocean county. a fund-raiser will be held tonight for the family of marie gemmell. she grew up in brick township and she and two of her children were killed when a private jet crashed into their home on monday. gemmell's husband and 5-year-old daughter were not at home at the time of the crash. a funds are e s ars arer to hely is set for tonight at the river rock restaurant and marina bar. new claims against comedian bill cosby. the latest from a high-profile woman. in an essay published online for "vanity fair" johnson claims he drugged her. johnson claims cosby gave her a
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drug in a cappuccino when she was visiting his new york home to read through lines. but she says she managed to escape. johnson says she was inspired to finally speak up by the other women who have come forward with their allegations against cosby. in the essay she writes "i watched in lorer as my longtime friend and fellow model janice dickerson was raked over the coals. i couldn't sit back and watch the other women be vilified and shamed for something i knew was true." cosby did not respond to requests from comment from "vanity fair." on wednesday a woman who accused cosby of raping her in the '70s filed a defamation lawsuit against him. publicly branded her a liar when called her claims absolutely false. his lawyers are confident they will prevail in that defamation proceeding. bill cosby has not been charged
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with any crime. you can hear from beverly johnson herself when she speaks on "today" show this morning coming up at 7:30. in washington, a $1 trillion spending plan to keep the federal government running is now in the hands of the senate. last night the house beat a midnight deadline and passed that measure after rare cooperation. they had to sway some democrats. members of that party were angry over a provision to end the bill that would ease bank regulations on high-risk investments. >> if you think the american public is going to stand for a bailout of the biggest banks in america one more time, you're wrong. >> now the senate has passed a temporary spending bill to give it time to debate the larger one that is now before the senate. also on capitol hill, a powerful statement without words. dozens of minority staffers and hill employees walked out of their offices yesterday to protest the grand jury decisions made in ferguson and new york city. they gathered on the house steps and raised their hands in the
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don't shoot gesture used to protest the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson. high-speed internet service could be headed to more u.s. schools and you could be helping to pay for it. the federal communications commission agreed to increase spending to bring that service to schools and libraries in poor and rural areas. the sec estimates two-thirds of american schools do not have high-speed internet access. to pay for the boost in spending phone bills for most americans may increase by about $2 a year. today the first lady will speak out for children's rights. many of michelle obama's efforts have been geared towards helping kids. today mrs. obama will speak at the brookings institution at an event focused on that cause. it's called mobilizing for children's rights. supporting local leaders and improving girls' education. two people are dead in severe weather on the west coast. police say trees fell on those victims in oregon. a storm system coming off the pacific is battering communities from san francisco to seattle.
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floods have washed out roads and bridges and loose ground is swallowing homes. and then there's the wind, which has brought down power lines and damaged a lot of property. 5:18 a.m. luckily we're not seeing problems like that here in our area and the morning commute has been pretty clear so far. >> let's hope things stay that way. katy zachary has her eyes on all the roads. anything out there, katy? >> so far so good because as quickly as the accident happened, it was cleared. that is the good news to tell you about. 95 northbound the accident near allegheny avenue in the last few minutes it cleared. for drivers at route 401, some overnight long-term construction you can see, but it's not tying anything up there. there is an issue, though, for 202 drivers going southbound. right at route 401. the exit ramp is closed and will be over the next few weeks because of long-term construction. and also on 95 southbound for delaware drivers, the ramp to route 202 southbound, that is closed over the next few weeks
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because of construction. in new jersey, this is in burlington county, a live look at 295 right at route 30. a few cars on the road and we are approaching that early morning rush hour. this is a good time to get out if you need to get somewhere. things are great on the majors in new jersey and delaware, as well. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a bit of a breeze blowing this morning. the wind is going to make it feel like it's in the 20s to start with. we are seeing less wind the last couple days and we're seeing no snow falling and still clouds overhead and northwesterly wind at 10 miles per hour in north philadelphia. a wind chill of 28 degrees this morning. pocono mountains where it's colder and a bit windier, too. reaks of sunshine during the day, but stay below freezing. right now, 36 in philadelphia and northeast philadelphia also above freezing and some spots, especially north and west, could see some icing this morning as it's a bit colder at glenside
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and willow grove, right around the freezing mark and just below it for eagleville and currently po pottstown is at 33 degrees and chillier at 32. untreated surfaces, a little bit of ice. the wind will be picking up and blow the remaining clouds out of here slowly. we'll get some breaks in the sunshine to start with. the winds in the pocono mountains have started to spread and allentown area gusting to 17 miles per hour and a breezy and chilly day today. we should be in the 40s. middle 40s for this time of year. we'll struggle to get to 40 degrees this afternoon. over the weekend, more sunshine and after a cold morning tomorrow, partly sunny. 44 degrees on sunday and even warmer on sunday. up to 47 degrees and dry for the eagles game. sunshine will be bright on monday. look at that temperature. 52 degrees. nice turn:0k of events. looks like it will stay warm into tuesday. but clouds arriving tuesday with a chance of some rain showers tuesday clearing out for
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wednesday and thursday. americans are in debt big time. that in itself is not a surprise, but the biggest reason we're carrying so much debt may surprise you. and speaking of debt, who's most likely to spend big this holiday season? the answer to that, coming up.
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start your morning offak, righthite and cheese: with juicy, sizzly steak, stacked high with protein-packed egg whites, melty cheese and whatever else you love, like jalapeños or spinach - all on warm, toasty flatbread. subway. eat fresh. 5:23 a.m. happening today in philadelphia application deadline for
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students who start high school next fall. the deadline applies to students who want to attend schools outside their own neighborhood. some of the options include magnet schools such as carver high school for engineering and science, parkway west high school and amy northwest academy and fitler academics plus. celebrated the grand opening of new offices in camden. weather max made that move from mt. laurel bringing more than 100 jobs with it. camden mayor redd says they'll play a key role in the city's future and new jersey governor chris christie chose it as one of a dozen companies to get some big tax breaks for making that move to camden. now, to today's business headlines from the philadelphia business journal. the drexel brook apartments in drexel hill now has a $40 million refinancing loan. and philadelphia's pier 35 along the delaware river is now for
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sale. the pier had once been considered for the construction of a trump tower complex. 5:24 a.m. a new report shows millions of americans are drowning in medical debt.:> landon is here with the cnbc news this morning. >> a new report finds american y consumers are drowning in medical debt. the protection bureau says 42 million americans have unpaid medical bills. that's nearly 20% of all u.s. consumers and the report by the federal regulator indicates the process of billing for medical care is confusing to consumers, leaving them unsure as to how much money they owe and the deadline for the payment and which organization should be paid. and look out mr. grinch, millennials might save christmas. while the majority of americans have a tight grip on their purse strings this holiday season, young people age 18 to 29 are more likely to splurge. according to millennials are twice as likely
5:26 am
as their older counterparts to spend more this holiday season than they did last year. the new report points to the drop of gas prices and feelings of financial security. back to you. >> oh, my goodness. where are they getting that money? i was broke when i was 18. >> right? >> landon doughty from cnbc, thanks for joining us. your first alert weather. >> we have clouds overhead, but we're not seeing anything fall from them. no rain, no snow. just a breezy start this morning. so, the temperatures have been falling, especially north and west. we've seen some icing conditions as things have not dried up. freezing up this morning. not in the city where the temperature is a bit warmer. here at nbc 10. it is 35 degrees at 5:26. morning, can can katy. >> drivers should be aware of icy patches and overall no accidents reported on any of ooour majors.
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traffic in both directions is moving pretty well. a water main break in philadelphia and i'll have the details of a road closure coming up. saying good-bye to one of their own. >> services start later today for the philadelphia firefighter who died in the line of duty this week. nbc 10 matt delucia is live in lawn crest with more. >> i'm at engine 64 this morning. i'll tell you how friends, family and neighbors are preparing to say good-bye and the funeral arrangements. that's coming up. police say they caught the man responsible for a series of sexual related attacks on college students in philadelphia and they say they caught him in the act. what's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible.
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this is nbc 10 news. a community plans to honor a fallen hero. we'll show you how friends and loved ones will mourn the first female to die in the line of duty in philadelphia. time is running out for the taj. we're just days away from a new deadline to save that casino hotel from closing. we'll tell you how many jobs are in jeopardy. taking a live look outside. starting off breezy and cold this morning. there is, lincoln financial field the eagles host dallas sunday night. will it warm up for the game? >> i guarantee it won't be a warm welcome for the cowboys. no matter what the cowb


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